Push Notifications

Push Notifications is a feature you can use to schedule rich push messages to a selection of chosen players. Currently this is available for Android and iOS only. Use Push Notifications to tell players about things that are happening in their game from outside the game. You can measure how many players have opened them and then started your game as a result.

They’re used in conjunction with game events, which encourages developers to engage players with new Push Notifications for weekend or seasonal events, for example. Generally, game events will have a common start date and time.

You can also use notifications to re-engage players that, for example, haven’t been active for a number of days. These can improve your engagement and retention.

If your setup is incomplete due to setting the keys incorrectly, you can still create Push Notifications but they won’t send to devices.

Services required to implement Push Notifications:

  • Push Notifications (Unity Dashboard)
  • Audiences (in Unity Analytics Dashboard)
  • Push Notifications package
  • Analytics package

To get started with Push Notifications, follow the integration guide and create your first notification.