About Unity Authentication (Beta)

Note: Unity Authentication (including this documentation) is currently in beta release, and that by using Unity Authentication you agree that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Important: Do not use Unity Authentication (Beta) in COPPA flagged games.

Apps typically need to know the identity of a user to provide a variety of features and services to both game developers and players to ensure security, consistency, and safety with every interaction. Unity Authentication provides anonymous and platform-specific authentication solutions for supported platforms, including mobile and PC.

Note: Console support for Unity Authentication is currently on an invite-only basis, but will be made available soon. To learn more and sign-up for console authentication, please visit https://unity.com/solutions/gaming-services.

Anonymous sign-ins don’t require the player to sign in to authenticate, but sign-ins through a platform do. These services are delivered through the Unity Authentication SDK and API calls to enable and implement authentication so game developers can focus on doing what they do best - creating games.

Unity Authentication easily integrates with the following Unity gaming services:

  • Analytics (Beta)
  • Cloud Code (Beta)
  • Cloud Content Delivery
  • Cloud Save (Beta)
  • Economy (Beta)
  • Lobby (Beta)
  • Matchmaker (Beta)
  • Relay (Beta)
  • Remote Config
  • Vivox

See Unity Authentication use cases on how these Unity products can help you deliver a secure and pleasant player experience.