What is Unity Analytics?

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Analytics, Unity's newest open beta in the Unity Gaming Services platform, provides an end-to-end data and analysis solution designed to support your entire studio. Analytics lets studios easily understand game performance and player behaviors.

Core metrics monitor the health of your game. The core metrics included are:

  • New installs

  • Daily active users (DAU)

  • Monthly active users (MAU)

  • Total sessions

  • Sessions per user

  • Time spent in app

  • User segments for country, platform, and version

Capture insights quickly using pre-built dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data. For deeper data analysis, use Custom Events to track actions specific to your game. Use Data Explorer to see your key metrics, filter multidimensionally, and understand how your game changes over time. Audiences allow you to view and then engage with segmented cohorts in a meaningful way. Standard and Custom Events allow you to track and view specific in-game behavior. View your events via Event Manager and troubleshoot Events using the Event Browser.

Games that are Made With Unity send standardized events automatically and can be extended with fully-customized events. If you encounter any issues, help can be found on our About and Support page.

To access the beta version of Unity Analytics today, go to the Dashboard, Explore Services and click Join now in the top banner. If you encounter any issues, please contact support.