Transferring revenue

You can allocate a portion of your ad revenue into an advertising budget on the Advertise dashboard, or to pay off outstanding invoices.

Note: The minimum transfer amount is currently 100 USD. The option to transfer revenue only displays if you have at least that much in your available payout balance. The maximum transfer amount is limited to the funds available in your payout balance.

To transfer revenue from the Monetization dashboard:

  1. Select Finance in the secondary navigation menu.
  2. In the Transaction history section, from the Transfer Funds drop-down, select Transfer to advertiser budget or Transfer to pay invoices.
  3. In the revenue transfer dialog, enter the amount you want to transfer, then select the Organization you want to transfer funds to.
  4. Enable the checkbox to acknowledge that the transfer is final and cannot be reversed.
  5. Select Request transfer to submit the request.

Important: You can direct a transfer of funds to any Organization you belong to. However, the publisher sending funds must have a valid tax profile and the recipient of the transfer must have a billing address within your Organization. To transfer funds, you must be the Owner of the publisher Organization which initiates the revenue transfer. For more information, refer to Unity Organizations.

Transfers to an advertising budget will be available in your advertiser account instantly. Transfers to pay invoices will be used to offset any outstanding advertising invoice balance up to the amount transferred.

For more information about driving user acquisition with Unity advertising, refer to the Acquire documentation. For questions, contact Unity Ads Support.