API Management

Monetization Statistics API

Use the Monetization Statistics API to retrieve monetization data directly in CSV format. The API fetches the same statistics that are available on the developer dashboard, however you can use it to programmatically pull data for your own uses. To generate the key you’ll need to authenticate your access request:

  1. Go to the Unity Ads Monetization dashboard and select API Management in the secondary navigation menu.
  2. Copy the key from the Monetization Stats API Access section, or select Create Api Key if none exists.

For more information on using the API key to request data, refer to the Monetization Statistics API documentation.

Manage API

Use the Monetization Manage API to manage Ad Units and Placements programmatically. Use the API to create and update Placements and eCPM Targets. To authenticate your API requests, you need to create a Unity Service Account.