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Note: You can also stay informed on the latest updates for Unity Ads and Unity User Acquisition.

April 2024

Integrate Unity LevelPlay with the Editor

Developers who create their projects in the Unity Editor can now access LevelPlay mediation directly in the Editor. Use the Ads Mediation package or the Unity Plugin to integrate LevelPlay. For more information, refer to Managing LevelPlay integration with the Unity Editor.

December 2023

Update your 2024 payout profile and US tax form

Starting January 2024, Unity Ads is moving to Tipalti as the payment service provider. To continue receiving payouts in 2024 and later, you need to complete your payout profile and your tax form with Tipalti on the Unity Dashboard.

To learn more, refer to Tax information

August 2023

Block reason reporting in Ad Controls

After you've blocked one or more creatives in the Ad Review page of Ad Controls to prevent them from showing up in your app, consider sharing the reason why you blocked them. Submitting block reasons is optional and choosing not to share why you've blocked a creative doesn't prevent you from blocking one. However, sharing your block reasons will help Unity uphold a higher quality of ads on the Unity Ads network, and it improves your overall experience using Ad Controls and Unity’s services.

To learn more, refer to Block reason reporting

Improved programmatic blocking support in Ad Controls

Publishers are now able to review and block ads provided by our programmatic demand partners in the Ad Review section in Ad Controls. Search for ads from our programmatic demand partners by using the search functionality and filtering by the ad formats supported: banner, display, and video. The increase of more ads available for your review and new filter additions will better support your efforts to identify and manage unwanted ad content in your app.

To learn more about how to search and use filters in Ad Review, refer to Searching creatives.

May 2023

Advanced Report

Learn how to download data directly with a customized date range and filter selection to set up automated email reports for your Organization. Refer to Advanced Report for more information.

April 2023

In-app bidding in Unity LevelPlay

In-app bidding allows for a more efficient auction where demand sources compete against one another in real-time, with lower latency for impressions. Refer to Get started with Unity Ads for in-app bidding in Unity LevelPlay for more information.

Hourly breakdown report

Now you can review the revenue performance of a project and know when performance metrics change by the hour on the Unity Ads Report page.

March 2023

Migrate from Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay

You can now migrate the following from Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay:

  1. Your Waterfalls from the Monetization dashboard to the LevelPlay dashboard.
  2. Your code from the Unity Mediation Advertisement with Mediation package, to the Unity LevelPlay Ads Mediation package.

Refer to the Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay migration guide for more information.