Geo Collections

Use the Geo Collections tool to create custom groups of countries to target in bulk. Geo Collections can be useful for setting up tiers of countries to use across multiple projects within your Organization, or for a collection of countries you use often for a given project.

Geo Collections function like stamps, so edits made on the Geo Collection page do not propagate to the Placements they’re applied to. You can update Geo Collections without affecting live line items.

To access the Geo Collections tool from the Unity Ads Monetization dashboard, select Geo Collections in the secondary navigation menu.

Important: While you can create and manage Geo Collections within a project, changes apply to collections for the entire Organization.

Creating new Geo Collections

  1. On the Geo Collections page, select Create Geo Collection to open the creation modal.
  2. Enter a name for your collection (for example "Tier 1" or "EMEA") and the countries to include. Use the Country drop-down to bulk add countries by continent, expand continents to selectively include countries, or use the search bar to find specific countries.
  3. After you have selected the countries to include, select Apply to close the drop-down.
  4. Select Save to complete the creation flow.

Your new collection will display in the Geo Collections list.

Modifying Geo Collections

You can edit, duplicate, or delete existing Geo Collections. Note that modifying an existing Geo Collection does not impact any targets that you have already created by using that collection. After you update a Geo Collection, you can re-apply it to any targets you want to update in bulk. Alternatively, you can separately add individual countries to a target.


Select an existing Geo Collection’s overflow icon to open the editing modal and then select Edit. You can edit the collection name or included countries.


To duplicate an existing Geo Collection, select its overflow icon and then select Duplicate. This saves time when creating new collections with minimal differences.


To delete an existing Geo Collection, select its overflow icon and then select Delete.