Budget Alerts

Use Budget Alerts in the Unity Cloud Dashboard to control your spend for your organization, and monitor your UGS data usage. The budget applies to the total monthly spend of all projects within your organization. You can select which UGS products to include in your budget. CCD, Game Server Hosting and Relay are not included in Budget Alerts.

Note: Only organization owners can create and view budgets.

You can use Budget Alerts to:

  • Create and edit budgets.
  • Monitor the spend for your organization against the budget.
  • Get notifications when you reach certain thresholds in your budget.

Budgets are for notification purposes only. When you reach your budget, services are not disabled and continue to be billed at their applicable rates.

Note: Budget usage can take up to a day to be reported. This reporting delay impacts the calculated spend during the budget period and can delay the generation of budget alert notifications.


Use alerts to stay notified of the monthly spending and UGS usage for your organization. This lets you know when you’re approaching limits so that you can adjust your spending and usage accordingly.

You can receive alerts via:

  • The Notification tray in the Unity Cloud Dashboard.
  • Email.
  • Slack.

Free tier email alerts

Free tier email alerts notify you when you reach 75% and 100% of the free tier limit for any UGS service. You can’t customize the usage threshold for free tier email alerts. If you don’t want to receive free tier email alerts, you can opt-out of receiving them in the Email preferences section of the Budget Alerts UI.

Budget email alerts

Budget email alerts notify Organization Owners when you reach defined budget thresholds. If not explicitly defined, the default thresholds are 50%, 90% and 100% of the budget.

Create a budget

In the Unity Cloud Dashboard, select Administration > Budget Alerts from the navigation menu.

  1. Select Create budget.
  2. Enter the relevant information for your budget:
    1. Enter a Budget name.
    2. In Total budget, specify the total monthly budget for your organization.
    3. In Budget scope, choose which UGS products to include in the budget.
    4. Specify Budget thresholds to define when you receive alerts.

Manage budgets

When you’ve defined a budget, the Budget Alerts page displays an overview of your budgets and tracks your spending against them. You can also edit budgets to increase or decrease the spending limit, or change the thresholds at which you receive alerts.

Budget Alerts UI

The following table describes the Budget Alerts UI in the Unity Cloud Dashboard.

NameName of the budget.
Monthly budget and spendDisplays:
  • The status of your budget (Below budget | Over budget).
  • The amount of your budget used in US dollars.
  • The percentage of your budget used.
Email alerts atDisplays the threshold limits for email alerts. This includes which thresholds have already been reached for the month.
Email preferences
Receive free tier alertsSelect to receive email alerts when your UGS usage is approaching the free tier limit.