User acquisition campaigns help you bring new players into your game. To manage your campaigns from the Growth dashboard, add an app or select an existing app to access its Campaigns page.

The Campaigns page

The Campaigns page provides tools for creating and managing your app’s campaigns, along with an overview of their performance.

The tool bar allows you to:

The Campaigns dashboard

The Campaigns dashboard provides an overview of your app’s campaign performance. You can search for campaigns to display, or filter data by campaign goal, billing type, status, and timeframe.

In addition, you can sort the data by the following dimensions:

Campaign NameThe name of the campaign.
GoalThe goal of the campaign. The available goals are:
  • Installs
  • Retention
  • ROAS
  • Creative Testing
BillingThe campaign billing type. The available types are:
  • CPI (cost per install)
  • CPM (cost per mille)
StatusThe status of the campaign. The available statuses are:
  • Live
  • Paused
  • Daily Capped
  • Geo Capped

To learn more about Daily Capped and Geo Capped statuses, see the Daily Cap status documentation.
StartsThe number of impressions generated by the campaign.
InstallsThe number of installs generated by the campaign.
ConversionThe conversion ratio (Installs divided by Starts) of the campaign.
SpendThe total ad spend of the campaign.
Budget RemainingThe budget remaining for the campaign.

iOS campaign dashboard features

iOS apps have additional insights available for the Campaigns dashboard.

Available slots

Your iOS apps have a maximum of 50 combined slots for campaigns and creative packs. All iOS campaigns count toward this limit, regardless of targeted operating system versions. For example, you can have:

  • 50 campaigns that have one creative pack each
  • Five campaigns that have 10 creative packs each
  • One campaign that has 50 creative packs

The top-right corner displays your allotted slots. If you reach the maximum number of slots and want to add more, you need to first unassign creative packs or pause campaigns. After a cooldown period of 72 hours, you can assign new creative packs or start new campaigns.

SKAdNetwork reporting

If you have data from SKAdNetwork postbacks, you can switch between dashboard metrics for Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) and the SKAdNetwork.

The following is a comparison of MMP data against SKAdNetwork data from the last 24 hours for a test account:

The number of installs differs in the examples. This discrepancy will gradually change as publishers adopt SKAdNetwork.

Note: Certain details, such as conversion statistics, are not available for SKAdNetwork data because of the granularity of SKAdNetwork postbacks.

Duplicate campaigns

To duplicate a campaign, including its settings:

  1. Open the overflow menu for the campaign you wish to duplicate.
  2. Select Duplicate.
  3. Assign the new campaign a name.
  4. Select Duplicate.

Delete campaigns

To delete campaigns, check the boxes next to the campaigns you want to delete, then select Delete in the toolbar.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

  1. Open the overflow menu for the campaign you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Select Delete to confirm you want to delete the campaign.

Next steps: Create a new campaign.