Test your ad sources

Use the Testing module to verify your ad source integration before you publish your app to a live environment.

Note: The Testing module is not available for use with apps that have a COPPA designation.

Unity-mediated projects

Important: When you select an ad source, ensure that it is set to serve the unit or ad you are testing. For example, if you set up Ad Source A to only use interstitial ads, testing a rewarded ad on Ad Source A will not work.

For projects that use Unity Mediation, the registered test device serves Unity Test Ads by default. When you select a third-party ad source, testing lasts for 30 minutes. After testing is complete, the device resets to Unity Test Ads.

To test your app with a specific ad source, perform the following steps:

Note: Ensure that you also set to test mode on the ad network side.

  1. Go to the Unity Monetization Dashboard .

  2. Select your project, and then select Project Overview > Testing.

  3. In the Test Devices section, select Add Test Device.

    For more information, see Find your advertising ID.

    Note: Test devices are shared with all projects in an organization.

  4. Select Change Ad Source next to a device name and specify an ad source for the device to use for testing purposes.

    Note: The default ad source is set to Unity (Test Ads).

  5. Select Start Test next to the devices you want to test.

    Result: Each active test device will begin to receive ads from the specified ad source. When using this feature, ensure that you enable test settings on non-Unity ad sources.

You can edit a device’s configuration or delete the device by selecting the More () menu next to the device’s name.

Note: For any existing test devices, you must also designate a platform (Android or iOS).

Caution: When you delete a test device, all of the test information for that device is deleted and the device reverts to receiving live traffic.

Find your advertising ID

An advertising ID anonymously identifies users on Android and iOS devices. It is a sequence of alphanumeric characters that a device operating system assigns to a user’s mobile device.


On Android devices, Google’s advertising ID is called the Android advertising ID (AAID).

To find your Android device’s AAID:

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.

  2. Select Google Services & preferences > Ads.

    Your AAID is listed on the page that displays.


On iOS devices, Apple’s advertising ID is called the ID for advertisers (IDFA).

By default, iOS devices hide the IDFA. However, you can access the IDFA by using a third-party app from the Apple App Store, such as My Device ID by AppsFlyer.

Before you can use a third-party app to find your device’s IDFA, you must first do the following:

  1. On your iOS device, open the Settings app.
  2. Select Privacy > Apple Advertising.
  3. Turn on the Personalized Ads toggle.