Configure an Ad Unit

Use an Ad Unit to surface an event in your game that triggers ad content. Ad Units consolidate ad format information (such as platform and ad types) and Placement information (such as eCPM target settings) into a single object for easier waterfall management and reporting.

Note: Your Mediation project contains default Ad Units of every format and platform so you can get started with implementing them in your code. However, you can create new Ad Units if necessary.

To access the Ad Units page, go to the Unity Monetization Dashboard, select your project, and then select Ad Units.

Each Ad Unit has a unique identifier that is automatically generated upon creation. Use Ad Unit IDs to implement mediation in your game code.

To retrieve an Ad Unit ID, on the Ad Units page, find the Ad Unit that you want to reference and copy the ID listed directly after it.

You can also select an Ad Unit's name to access its settings page where you can perform further customization for the Ad Unit.

Note: The Allow skip setting for mediated Ad Units only applies to the Unity Ads network. Publishers need to set this configuration for each third-party ad network that they do not want to use skippable rewarded videos for.

The Allow skip section of the Unity Ads Settings configuration page

For more information on how to edit and manage your Ad Units, view this video on Ad Units in the Unity Monetization Dashboard.