What's new in Unity Reflect

Reflect Review 3.4.0 highlights

New features

This version of Reflect introduces support for Meta avatars, scaling, and an updated UI.

Known issues

HDRP is not included in the 3.4 release.

Performance improvements

Two new features to improve performance:

Known issues

For UK users

  • You may need to select the UK region while logging in to Reflect Review even if you already set it through the Revit plug-in. To fix this, open the file C:\ProgramData\Unity\Reflect\region in Notepadin Notepad. Make sure that the file text is gb and not default.
  • You can now publish a model to the UK server by changing the region in the dashboard application. However, UK publishing is not yet available on the Quest 2.


We have identified an internal latency problem within our cloud services. The workaround is to wait approximately 10 to 20 seconds after creating a new project before publishing it. You don't need to wait before publishing to the same project again.

Mesh processing in the cloud

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