Initializing the SDK in Unity

To initialize the SDK, you must reference your project’s Game ID for the appropriate platform. You can locate the Game ID from the Monetization dashboard by selecting the Monetization suite, navigating to your current project, then Settings in the secondary navigation bar, and scrolling to the Game IDs section.

Note: The Unity Ads package was renamed to Unity Advertisement. As of version 4.4.1, this package is called Unity Advertisement Legacy - this package is supported but no longer being updated. To implement a comprehensive monetization solution for your app, install Unity LevelPlay through the Ads Mediation package in the Unity Editor.

In your game script header, include the UnityEngine.Advertisements namespace. Initialize the SDK early in the game’s run-time life cycle, preferably at launch, using the Initialize function. In SDK versions 3.7.0 and later, you can use IUnityAdsInitializationListener callbacks to receive a notification when initialization is complete, or receive the details when an error occurs.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Advertisements;
public class AdsInitializer : MonoBehaviour, IUnityAdsInitializationListener
    [SerializeField] string _androidGameId;
    [SerializeField] string _iOSGameId;
    [SerializeField] bool _testMode = true;
    private string _gameId;
    void Awake()
    public void InitializeAds()
    #if UNITY_IOS
            _gameId = _iOSGameId;
            _gameId = _androidGameId;
    #elif UNITY_EDITOR
            _gameId = _androidGameId; //Only for testing the functionality in the Editor
        if (!Advertisement.isInitialized && Advertisement.isSupported)
            Advertisement.Initialize(_gameId, _testMode, this);

    public void OnInitializationComplete()
        Debug.Log("Unity Ads initialization complete.");
    public void OnInitializationFailed(UnityAdsInitializationError error, string message)
        Debug.Log($"Unity Ads Initialization Failed: {error.ToString()} - {message}");

Next steps: To continue your integration, refer to the Implementing basic ads in Unity documentation.