App targeting

Use source app IDs to allow or block apps to bid on. To locate source app IDs, use Unity’s Report Builder to analyze the geo-level of each source your campaigns have reached. Pinpoint the best performing sources to allowlist, and the poorest performing sources to blocklist.

Note: Sources may only be identified by their abstracted IDs; Unity cannot give out source IDs for specific apps.

Important: Source app IDs are case-sensitive.

To allow or block apps from the Advertise dashboard:

  1. From the Apps page, select the app that has the campaign that you want to modify. The Campaigns page for this app appears.
  2. Select the campaign you want to modify, or create a new campaign.
  3. Scroll to the App targeting section.


Adding Source App IDs to your allowlist restricts bidding to those specified apps. Note that limiting sources limits the scale of your campaign, so restricting your allowlist too much can negatively impact the campaign's performance.


Adding Source App IDs to your blocklist excludes those specified apps from receiving bids.

Next steps: Configure device targeting settings for your campaign.