Relay locations and regions

As a developer using Relay, you can allow players to select a Relay server from a list of available regions. By selecting the closest Relay server, the player can minimize the potential latency and guarantee the smoothest possible experience for their game sessionClosedIn the Relay service, a game session is an active match between multiple players connected through a Relay server. One player is the host player to which the other connecting players communicate using the Relay message protocol..

You can retrieve a list of all available regions with the Allocations API /regions endpoint.

However, you do not need to include a region with an allocation request. If you omit the region, the Allocations service uses QoS.

The following list contains the key regions across the globe:

  • Southeast Asia - Singapore

  • West Europe - London

  • East United States - North Virginia

  • Central United States - Iowa

  • West United States - Los Angeles