Unity Relay

Unity Relay offers a way for game developers to securely provide increased connectivity between players by using a join code style workflow without needing to invest in a third-party solution, maintain dedicated game servers (DGS), or worry about the network complexities of a peer-to-peer game. Instead of using DGS, the Relay service provides connectivity through a universal Relay server acting as a proxy.

The Relay service has two key components: the Relay servers and the Relay Allocations service.

Dependencies and requirements

The Relay service comes coupled with the Unity Transport Package (UTP). Relay enhances Transport (UTP) and gives it the ability to connect clients that would otherwise be unable to communicate because of routing restrictions such as restrictive firewalls.


Relay has the following limitations:

Fair usage

The Relay service is intended for the transmission of multiplayer game state only. Usage of the service outside this category is subject to rate limiting or termination under terms of service.

Unfair use of the Relay service includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Audio streaming of any nature, including voice chat

  • Video streaming of any nature

  • File transfer services

  • Distributed computation unrelated to gameplay, including crypto mining

  • General network proxying and other VPN-like services