Tax information

Unity must collect your relevant tax information to withhold taxes when applicable, as required by tax authorities. To validate your tax information, create a payout profile.

After you complete your payout profile, go to the Payout Tax Info section of the Payout Profile page, and then select Create.

You will temporarily leave the dashboard to complete the tax interview by providing the following information:

  • Basic information about yourself
  • Consent to receive information reporting documentation
  • Your overall tax status
  • Your electronic signature and consent to use it

When finished, select Exit interview to return to the Payout Profile page. The Payout Tax Info section takes a few minutes to update, at which point the Tax status then changes to "Validated".

Requesting payment as an individual

Unity can process payment to you as an individual, rather than as a company. To register as a private individual, enter your legal name instead of a company name. Ensure that this name also matches an owner of your Unity Organization.

In general, no taxes are deducted from payments to companies or similar entities. However, if you are a private individual, payments are governed by tax agreements between your country and Finland. These agreements exist to reduce any possible double taxation and set guidelines for personal taxation rules. Taxes for Ads income are usually between 0-15%, but might be higher for certain countries. Consult your own tax office for further guidance.

Unity will not deduct taxes from your payment. Handling taxes for your revenue is your responsibility.

Value Added Tax (VAT) numbers

The European Union (EU) requires members to have a Value Added Tax (VAT) number. The local legislation in each country specifies when you need to apply for a VAT number. If you do not have one, state ”No VAT” or “None” in the corresponding invoice field.