Receiving payment

Important: For help with payment issues, contact Technical Support.

Publishers receive automated payouts for their Unity Ads earnings every month. This article provides a step-by-step guide to configuring automated payouts for your Organization. To get started, sign in to the Unity ID portal.

Note: Unity Ads currently supports payouts in USD only.

Payout profiles

To receive payment, you must configure a payout profile. Payout profiles are associated with Organizations. Each Organization has one profile per service, so you can only create one profile for your Unity Ads earnings.

Important: You must be the Organization Owner to check, create, or update its payout profile. For more information, refer to Organization members and roles.

To access the Organization’s payout profile interface:

  1. Sign in to the Unity ID portal.

  2. Select Organizations from the left navigation bar.

  3. Select the Organization from the list (you can also view your role within the Organization from this list; verify that you are the Organization’s Owner).

    Important: Ensure that you select the correct Organization, especially if you have Owner permissions for multiple Organizations. Failing to do so might result in not receiving payouts.

  4. Select Payout Profile from the left navigation bar sub menu.

Creating a payout profile

From your Organization’s Payout Profile page, create a new profile by selecting Add profile.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

You must enable SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) to edit payout profiles. If you have yet to enable it for your Organization, the dashboard will prompt you to do so. If you have already set up SMS TFA authentication, skip to the profile information section.

  1. Select Activate TFA > Start setup.
  2. Confirm your Unity ID password, then select Next.
  3. Enter a valid phone number that can receive SMS messages, then select Next.
  4. The specified phone number will receive a 6-digit code via SMS. Enter the code on the dashboard within 60 seconds to initialize TFA.

After you complete this step, return to the payout profile section of the dashboard (Organizations > select your Organization > Payout Profile), then select Add profile. Complete the TFA check to proceed.

Populating profile information

On the Create Payout Profile page, enter the following required information:

  • Country and Region
  • Payment recipient - Company or Private individual. Note that you cannot change this after you create the profile.
  • Company Name - Companies only
  • EU VAT - European Union Value Added Tax ID. This field is optional, however, EU VAT-registered companies must provide an ID.

Important: Finnish publishers must register as EU VAT companies. They also must be in the prepayment register (ennakkoperintärekisteri) to receive payments.

  • Contact Person and their corresponding email address (Companies only)
  • Full Name and your corresponding email address (Individuals only)
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • City

Select Create to create your profile.

Your profile information is now saved. You can edit it any time by selecting Edit (the pencil icon).

Adding a payout method

Unity supports Paypal and bank transfers (note that Unity only supports local transfers in the US). To add a payout method, go to the Payout Method section of the Payout Profile page, then select Edit or Add payout method.

On the Add Payout Method page, select an option from the Payout Method drop-down menu.

  • Select Hold my payments to withhold payouts until further notice. When you update this field to one of the other two methods, Unity will pay out all accumulated revenue if it meets the specified minimum payout amount.
  • Select Bank transfer to set up direct deposits into a specified account (refer to the section on bank transfers).
  • Select Paypal to receive payments directly to your Paypal account (refer to the section on Paypal).

Bank transfers

You must give banking details for the account you want to receive payments. Select Bank transfer from the drop-down, then select Add bank transfer details.

You will temporarily leave the dashboard to process banking information through Unity's secure partner Worldpay.

The country of your bank dictates the type of transfer (local or international) and type of information Worldpay requests.

After you have completed the Worldpay form, you will return to the Add Payout Method page.

Important: For bank transfers, Unity deducts a transaction fee of 1.5 EUR in the U.S. and 7.5 EUR in all other countries. The intermediate or receiving bank might charge additional fees. If you want to receive the payment in any currency other than USD, there will be conversion fees.


To set up PayPal deposits, all you need to provide is the minimum payout amount and your registered PayPal email address.

Important: Our entity moved from Finland to the US from January 1, 2019, fees were applied differently.

  • Finland: For every 20,000 USD in revenue paid out through Paypal, Unity deducts a transaction fee of 2% (up to 14 USD in the E.U., and 90 USD outside of the E.U.).
  • US: For every 20,000 USD in revenue paid out through Paypal, Unity deducts a transaction fee of 2% (up to 1 USD in the US, and 20 USD outside of the US).

Minimum payout amount and fulfillment

Set a minimum amount of accrued earnings for which to receive a payment. Unity processes payments at the end of each month on a net 60 cadence, which means that your outstanding balance is paid in full and received within 60 days of each payment period, so long as your earnings have met or exceeded the minimum payout amount.

For example, if your minimum payment amount is $100, and you earn $200 in the month of March, your total earnings for that period ($200) are paid by the end of May.

In the same scenario, if you earn $50 in March, then $50 in April, the accumulated balance meets the minimum payment amount and is paid by the end of June.

Finalizing your settings

When you’ve finished specifying your payment method and minimum amount, select Create to save your selections.

Payout history

You can view records of your Unity Ads payouts from the dashboard at any time by selecting Finance from the left navigation bar. You can also view a comprehensive transaction history from the Unity ID portal:

  1. Select Organizations from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the Organization from the list.
  3. Select Transaction History from the left navigation bar sub menu.
  4. Select the Payouts tab.
  5. Select the date range to query, then select Apply to view a list of invoices.

Making changes to your profile, payout method, or tax info

You can edit your information at any time from the Payout Profile page:

  • In the Payout Profile section, select Edit (note that you can't change the recipient type).
  • In the Payout Method section, select Edit.
  • In the Payout Tax info section, select Update.

Note: Any changes might not affect payouts for the current month. If you need the changes to take effect immediately, or if you have general issues when signing up for automated payouts, contact Unity Ads support.