Troubleshooting integrations

This troubleshooting section provides solutions for various common use cases and problems that you might encounter when you install and integrate the Mediation SDK for your made-with-Unity, Android, or iOS app.

To get an idea of how your project can be set up with the Unity Mediation, refer to the setup code in this sample game source code.

When you perform troubleshooting, consider the following best practices:

  • Avoid using special characters when naming of your project files or folder structures (for example: apostrophes, asterisks, and exclamation marks). Using special characters beyond the convention of using camel case, underscores, or hyphens for file and folder naming can lead to errors in your project console and issues with building your project.
  • Review the integration requirements for Unity, Android, and iOS projects to ensure that you are using compatible versions of the Editor, native Android or iOS platforms, and IDEs for best performance with Unity Mediation. Using versions other than what is recommended can cause build and compilation errors.
  • Do not externally download third-party ad network SDKs. This is because the Unity Mediation SDK automatically pulls in all necessary network SDKs for you. Downloading third-party ad network SDKs can cause build and version incompatibility issues with the Mediation SDK.