Implementing rewarded ads in iOS

Rewarding players for watching ads increases user engagement, resulting in higher revenue. For example, games might reward users with in-game currency, consumables, additional lives, or experience-multipliers. For more information on how to effectively design your rewarded ads, refer to the monetization strategy guide.

To reward users for completing a video ad, ensure that the Ad Unit ID used in your show method matches the rewarded Ad Unit ID:

- (IBAction)showRewardedAd:(UIButton *)sender {   
    [UnityAds show:self placementId:@"Rewarded_iOS" showDelegate:self];

Then implement your reward functionality in the unityAdsShowComplete callback method:

#pragma mark: UnityAdsShowDelegate
- (void)unityAdsShowComplete:(NSString *)placementId withFinishState:(UnityAdsShowCompletionState)state {
    NSLog(@" - UnityAdsShowDelegate unityAdsShowComplete %@ %ld", placementId, state);
    if ([placementId isEqualToString:@"Rewarded_iOS"] && state == kUnityShowCompletionStateCompleted) {
        // Reward the user.

Next steps: To expand your implementation, refer to Implementing banner ads in iOS.