Implementing interstitial ads in iOS

Use the show method to show a loaded ad, and a UnityAdsShowDelegate delegate to handle logic for various show events. In this example, a button triggers the ad:

// Implement a button that calls the show method when clicked:
#pragma mark : Buttons
- (IBAction)showInterstitialButton:(UIButton *)sender {
    [UnityAds show:self placementId:@"Interstitial_iOS" showDelegate:self];
// Implement callbacks for events related to the show method:
#pragma mark: UnityAdsShowDelegate
- (void)unityAdsShowComplete:(NSString *)placementId withFinishState:(UnityAdsShowCompletionState)state {
    NSLog(@" - UnityAdsShowDelegate unityAdsShowComplete %@ %ld", placementId, state);
- (void)unityAdsShowFailed:(NSString *)placementId withError:(UnityAdsShowError)error withMessage:(NSString *)message {
    NSLog(@" - UnityAdsShowDelegate unityAdsShowFailed %@ %ld", message, error);
    // Optionally execute additional code, such as attempting to load another ad.
- (void)unityAdsShowStart:(NSString *)placementId {
    NSLog(@" - UnityAdsShowDelegate unityAdsShowStart %@", placementId);
- (void)unityAdsShowClick:(NSString *)placementId {
    NSLog(@" - UnityAdsShowDelegate unityAdsShowClick %@", placementId);

Next steps: To improve your implementation, refer to the Implementing rewarded ads in iOS documentation.