Technical Support

Unity Ads

You can contact the Unity Ads Support team using one of the following methods:


If you are using the Unity Ads SDK to display ads in your app, please include as much of the following information as possible, such as:

  • Your Organization ID and Project ID.
  • A link to your app's store page.
  • Your Ads SDK version number.
  • The code you are using to integrate with Unity Ads.
  • The device log from your app from which Unity Ads is initialized.
  • If using Mediation, the Mediation SDK and adapter version number.
  • As much information about your issue as possible (for example, steps to reproduce and the frequency at which it occurs).

User Acquisition

If you are experiencing a technical issue while running a User Acquisition (UA) campaign with Unity Ads, we would be happy to help you resolve it. Some topics we help with include:

  • Install attribution integration. For example, checking your tracking links and making sure we are receiving install postbacks from your mobile measurement partner (MMP).
  • Uploading creatives to the Growth dashboard.
  • Any technical issues with playable creatives.
  • Issues regarding the Advertising Statistics API or Advertising Management API.
  • Data discrepancies between Unity and your integrated partners.
  • Any other technical questions or concerns.

When contacting Support, please make sure to include your campaign details (including your Organization ID and platform-specific Game ID).

Unified Auction

Contact the Programmatic Support team for any issues regarding programmatic bidders and exchange partnerships at

Business Development


If you are monetizing your app using Unity Ads and would like to discuss working with an account manager, you can reach out to our Sales team at the following region-specific emails:

Include as much information as possible about your Organization and apps so we can connect you with the most relevant team.

User Acquisition

Our Sales team is always interested in speaking with new advertisers to help you launch campaigns with Unity Ads. You can reach the Sales team for your region at one of the following region-specific emails:

To help us put you in touch with the correct team as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:

  • Your Organization ID.
  • The country your Organization is based in.
  • Your Organization's website.
  • A link to the store page of the app you wish to run campaigns for.
  • Your available budget.

Unified Auction

If you are a demand-side platform interested in bidding on Unity's mobile app inventory, please reach out to or learn more about exchange partnerships.

Other Inquiries

If you wish to propose strategic opportunities for working with Unity Ads or reach us for vendor opportunities, please email We look forward to hearing from you!