Integration process

The integration process is the procedure through which you integrate your game server executable with Multiplay’s services. During the integration process, the Multiplay team discusses the integration requirements with you, tests your game server binary against the requirements, and creates a proof-of-concept fleet for your game. You must supply Multiplay with your game server binary and (optionally) your game client binary. Multiplay might ask you to make adjustments to your game binaries based on the evaluation report results.

How to get help

There are four ways to get support during the integration process. The first person you should contact is your account manager. They’ll be able to contact the right person on your behalf. If your account manager is unavailable, you have these other resources to get support:

  • Partner manager
  • Your dedicated Slack channel

Once you’ve completed the integration process, your primary contact for support is the developer support team, which you can reach via the customer support portal or your dedicated Slack channel.

Integration stages

Integration is separated into these stages. You’ll learn more about each one in the integration stages section.

  1. Initial integration
  2. Account registration
  3. Binary evaluation
  4. Metrics and playtest
  5. Proof of concept

You and your team will closely work with your account manager, your partner manager, and an integration engineer throughout the process. Depending on the type of services you’re interested in, you might also have a dedicated developer relations manager.

Initial integration

During the integration process, you and your account team discuss the integration requirements, test your game server binary against the requirements, and create a proof-of-concept fleet for your game. You’ll need to supply Multiplay with your game server binary and (optionally) your game client binary. The Multiplay integration team might ask you to make adjustments to your game binaries based on the evaluation report results.

Account registration

Your account manager registers a Multiplay account for you and your team members.

Binary evaluation

The Multiplay integrations team ensures that your binary meets all the prerequisites and requirements of integrating with Multiplay's platform during the evaluation stage. After the evaluation is complete, you receive a Clanforge evaluation report with the results and recommendations to make your game client compliant with the integration requirements. These recommendations might include adding missing requirements or adjusting details that aren't required but might be beneficial to your project.

Metrics and playtest

Once the Multiplay integrations team receives and evaluates your server binary (and, optionally, your game client executable), they help you conduct a playtest.

A playtest is a process in which you test a game for bugs, integration problems, and design flaws. The playtest Multiplay conducts is tailored towards testing the integration between your game and the Multiplay services.

After the playtest, you receive a Commercial metric report that details the playtest results and recommended configuration based on Multiplay's calculations.

Proof of concept (POC)

Once your account manager and the Multiplay integrations team has completed the pricing model and ordered a build machine and a fleet machine, you move on to the proof-of-concept (POC) stage.

Multiplay supplies you with a fully configured fleet, fleet regions, a build machine, and one or more fleet machines during the POC stage. Don’t worry about keeping track of all the information because you receive a document containing your service identifiers, including your fleet ID, profile ID, mod ID, game image ID, etc.

Your account manager guides you through your fleet configuration and answers questions about Multiplay, Clanforge, or the Multiplay API.