Get help through Slack

You can open, close, update and check the status of tickets directly from Slack via Halp Slack integration. This guide is a reference for using Halp to get support from the Multiplayer support team through Slack.

Create a ticket from a Slack message

  1. Send a message describing your problem in Slack.

  2. React to the Slack message with the :sos: emoji ().

  3. Select the type of problem you’re experiencing.
  4. Provide additional details and information.
  5. Click Create.

Create a ticket directly through Slack

You can create a ticket directly through Slack (without a message) by using the Halp Cloud Support application.

  1. Press Ctrl + K to display Slack’s Jump to search bar.
  2. Type “create a ticket”. This will expose the Create a ticket option from the Halp Slack application.
  3. Select the type of problem for which you’re creating a ticket.
  4. Fill out the form fields.
  5. Submit the form by clicking Create.
  6. Once you submit the form, the Cloud Support Slack application sends you a message with the ticket details. From there, you can visit the ticket on the service desk portal, update the ticket, respond to the ticket, and close the ticket.

Create a ticket from a private Slack message

You can create tickets from Slack messages in private channels, but there are some caveats in place as security measures:

  • You must invite the Halp bot to the private channel in which you want to create tickets.
  • Halp only has access to messages created after you invited the Halp bot to that channel. If you want to create a ticket from a message posted before you invited the Halp bot to that channel, use the Halp Slack Action on that message.

Follow the steps below to create a ticket with Halp through the Slack Action.

  1. Click on More actions on the Slack message.
  2. Select More message shortcuts...
  3. Select Create a ticket with Halp.

Update a ticket from Slack

To update a ticket, respond to the original message in Slack in a thread.

Close a ticket from Slack

To close a ticket from Slack, open the Slack message thread, then click Close Ticket.

Re-open a ticket from Slack

There are two ways to re-open a closed ticket from Slack:

  1. Respond to the Slack message thread. This automatically re-opens the ticket.

  2. Click Re Open Ticket on the Slack message.

See all your open and closed tickets

You can view all your past support tickets from Slack by viewing the message history for the Cloud Support application.

The Cloud Support application should be located beneath the Apps tab in Slack. If it is not there, click on the + button to the right of the Apps tab, then add the Cloud Support application.

Have feedback?
Multiplay recently adopted Halp into the suite of tools to best support you, so we’re eager to receive any type of feedback. Let Multiplay know if you...
  • Experience a bug or unexpected problem
  • Have a question about how to use Halp
  • Have a feature request
  • Have any other feedback
You can reach out directly on Slack, contact your account manager, or open a ticket through Multiplay's portal. If the problem you’re experiencing is tied to a specific ticket or Slack message, reply to the ticket or use @here on the Slack thread.