Clanforge exposed directories

Clanforge exposed directories are files or directories on your machines that Multiplay exposes to you via the Clanforge web interface.

During the initial integration process for your game, Multiplay asks that you supply us with the relative log directory for your game server instances. The directory should be relative to the game server binary and dynamically created per server instance. Multiplay exposes the files in this directory to you via the Clanforge web interface or FTP access.

If you want to expose additional files or directories, such as crash dump folders or configuration files, contact the Multiplayer support team. To help them assist you as fast as possible, include the following information in the request:

  • The directory or file path relative to your game server binary.
  • The file extensions you want to expose (for example, .log, .txt).
  • The name you’d like to give this collection (that is, the name you’ll see in the Clanforge web interface).

Keep in mind that the game mod manages exposed files and directories, so if you switch mods, you may not have access to the same files and directories.