Email and CSV Export

Important: Email and CSV Export will soon no longer be available as a single feature on the Unity Ads Monetization dashboard. For more information on downloading data and setting up automated email reports, refer to Advanced Report.

Unity Ads provides reporting tools for analyzing your monetization metrics. You can either use the dashboard reporting tools, or the Monetization stats API to pull performance data. You can also download data directly, or set up automated email reports for your Organization.

On the Monetization dashboard, select Setup > Email & CSV Export from the secondary navigation menu.

Raw data download

In the Raw Data CSV Download section, configure the parameters of your report. Specify the data split (by country, Ad Unit, and platform), granularity of statistics reported, and date range. When finished, select Download CSV to export the data.

Configuring an automated report

To create automated reports on a specified cadence:

  1. In the Email & CSV section, select Add.
  2. In the configuration prompt, name the report, then set how to split the data (by country, Ad Unit, or platform) and how often you want to generate the report. Also enter the email addresses (separated by commas) to receive the reports.
  3. Select Add to save the report.