Set up an A/B test

To set up a Unity Mediation A/B test, complete the following steps:

Note: Unity Mediation A/B testing with functional reporting is available starting from Unity Mediation 0.3.0.

  1. On the Unity Monetization Dashboard , select your project, and then select Project Overview > All Waterfalls.

  2. Select a waterfall that you want to set an A/B test for. This waterfall will be Group A in your A/B test.

    Ensure that this waterfall’s line items, waterfall order for the eCPM target waterfalls, and ad sources are configured to reflect the waterfall configuration that you want for Group A.

  3. Select Set up A/B Test.

  4. Name the A/B test, add a description, and set a traffic variation by using the slider to indicate how you want to assign users to Group B (the default traffic variation is 50%), then select Create.

  5. On the Set up A/B Test page, complete the waterfall configurations for Group B. Depending on your testing needs, add a bidding source, eCPM line item, or backfill line items for the waterfall in Group B.

    Note: If the same Placement IDs are reused for different line items, revenue is estimated proportionally to the number of impressions received for each line item. If you are using the same Ad Sources in Group A and B, we recommend that you enter unique Placement IDs to ensure unique line items and accurate revenue reporting.

    Select the Copy from Group A button to copy the following from Group A to Group B:

    • Bidding entries
    • Line items
    • Auto-eCPM entries

    Select the Reset Group B button to clear the Group B waterfall and delete the following for Group B:

    • Bidding entries
    • Line items
    • Auto-eCPM entries, except for the default Unity Auto-eCPM entry

    Use the toggle to compare the Group A and Group B line items and make any final changes. You can continue to edit Group A and Group B as often as you need to, as long as you have not yet started the test.

    To edit the Group B line items, delete or disable them. You can also update the eCPM or Placement ID to adjust any value.

    To modify Group A, you need to back out of the A/B test.

  6. When you have finished editing Group A and Group B, select Start test.

    Caution: When you start an A/B test, you cannot further modify the Group A or Group B configuration.

  7. When there is enough data for you to select a winning group, the A/B testing page updates and you can select either Group A or Group B. Select a group to end the test and apply the configurations of the winning group to all users.

    Alternatively, to manually end the test, select End A/B Test and then select Group A or Group B.