Unity Mediation

Attention: The Unity Mediation package is no longer available for new installs as of December 2022. Publishers interested in implementing or maintaining a monetization solution for either new or existing projects, respectively, are recommended to use Unity LevelPlay. Integrate Unity LevelPlay with the Unity Editor by installing the Ads Mediation package. Refer to the Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay migration guide for details.

Unity Mediation allows publishers to monetize their apps by providing access to quality, expansive advertising demand that competes for your impressions. This can lead to higher eCPMs and better fill rates, with the goal to maximize app real estate for publishers as demand sources compete for the opportunity to serve their ads.

Unity Mediation aims to save publishers time in managing ads, aligning pricing strategies with audience segments, optimizing ad revenue, growing revenue quickly, analyzing strategy performance, and having direct access to demand sources and ad networks all from one SDK.

To learn more about Unity Mediation, see the Unity Mediation product site.

The Unity Mediation SDK lets publishers set up monetization strategies for their ad inventory by using waterfall management tools in the Unity Monetization Dashboard . The mediation strategies that can be implemented through the Unity Mediation platform are traditional waterfalls or bidding by using specific ad networks.

Unity Advertisement with Mediation package support

Starting in September 2022, the Unity Advertisement with Mediation package is available in the Unity Editor Package Manager for the following Editor versions:

  • 2020.3.40f1
  • 2021.3.10f1
  • 2022.1.17f1
  • 2022.2.0b9
  • 2023.1.0a11

Note: Users who have already installed the Unity Mediation SDK tarball can upgrade to Unity Advertisement with Mediation in any Editor version that supports the Unity Mediation SDK.


With bidding, ad networks participate in an equal-opportunity competitive auction, where the network with the highest bid wins and gets to fill an ad. No eCPM targets or multiple line items are required for the bidding process.

Unity Mediation supports the following ad networks as bidders:

Note: Each bidding source must be unique, so you can only add each bidder once per waterfall.


With traditional waterfalls, publishers can set eCPM targets to decide the value of their inventory from each ad network. Ad networks are then called in descending order from the highest eCPM target, to the lowest eCPM target, to backfill until an ad is served at an available eCPM target.

The following networks are available for traditional waterfalls:

  • Unity’s Unified Auction (includes 60+ demand sources)
  • AdColony
  • AdMob
  • AppLovin
  • ironSource
  • Liftoff

For more information, see Create a waterfall and Waterfall best practices.