Use waterfalls to create ranked placements of ad networks, which can improve fill rate and revenue. When ad requests go unfilled from the top waterfall placement, they stream down to the next level, until the request is filled. Each placement can target specific eCPM and geo targets, so you can meet revenue goals without sacrificing fill rate. For more information, see Placements and eCPM targets.

For more information about how to maximize your ad revenue by calling multiple ad networks, view this video on Ad Units.

On the Waterfalls page, depending on the mediation strategies you want to implement, you can implement traditional waterfalls with eCPM line items by creating a waterfall or using bidding sources.

Default Auto-eCPM waterfalls

Default waterfalls are automatically created the first time you designate Unity Mediation as the ads provider for your project. This applies to new projects when you are selecting an ads provider for the first time, or existing projects when you are changing the ads provider to Unity Mediation.

The default global waterfalls are set up with Unity Ads as the only demand source and are populated with the default ad units in your project. Auto eCPM Unity line items are automatically created for each default ad unit.

If you are integrating Unity Mediation for the first time and if you plan to use Unity Ads exclusively for mediation, you can start to immediately serve ads in your game by using the default waterfall.

Default waterfalls can always be modified based on your ad pricing strategy.