Configuring ad sources

After creating Ad Units, you will need to set up ad networks. These allow you to create mediation line items or implement monetization strategies through mediation waterfalls. They also allow Unity to fetch ad network data for reporting purposes.

Important: You only need to configure third-party ad networks as sources in your Mediation setup. If you use Unity Ads exclusively, no additional configuration steps are required.
Note: As a reminder, all third-party ad source adapters and SDKs must be installed prior to use in a waterfall. If using the Unity Editor, each network adapter selected will automatically pull in the required SDK.

Configuring a third-party ad network as a source requires the following:

  1. Set up an account with the third-party ad network.
  2. Configure your app on the third-party network’s dashboard.
  3. Set up Ad Units and Placements for your app on the third-party network’s dashboard.
  4. Use reporting API credentials from the third-party network in your Unity Mediation SDK setup.

The Unity Mediation SDK supports the following third-party ad networks:

  • AdMob
  • AppLovin
  • AdColony
  • IronSource
  • Meta Audience Network
  • Vungle

See the Ad Source configuration guides for these supported third-party ad networks: