Create a waterfall

Create a waterfall with an ads pricing strategy for your game by using Unity’s mediation platform. For more information, see Waterfall best practices.

Prerequisites: Configure an Ad Unit and Configure an Ad Source

The following networks are available for traditional waterfalls:

  • Unity’s Unified Auction (includes 60+ demand sources)

  • AdColony

  • AdMob

  • AppLovin

  • ironSource

  • Vungle

  1. Go to the Unity Monetization Dashboard and select the project to use waterfalls for.

  2. Select Waterfalls, and then select Add New Waterfall.

  3. Name your waterfall, add geo targets, and then select the Ad Units that the waterfall will apply to.

    Name waterfalls as contextually as possible for easy identification in the dashboard. If possible, reference the name of your game, its platform, ad format, and the geo target associated with the waterfall.

  4. Select Apply.

Your new waterfall displays on the Waterfalls page, and you can now create line items.

To get started with implementing your waterfall mediation strategies, view this video on how to create a waterfall on the Unity Monetization Dashboard.