Introduction to Unity's Exchange

Welcome to Unity’s Exchange documentation hub, where you’ll find information about the platform, integration documents, supported features, and best practices to succeed in Unity’s real-time bidding exchange. Unity’s Exchange provides demand-side partners (DSPs) and exchange bidders access to in-app inventory, a comprehensive range of advertising formats, and 2.5 billion Unity users across 750,000+ apps globally with an average of 165 million daily active users.

Unity Exchange allows DSPs and advertisers to bid on each ad impression. All auctions are first-price auctions, meaning all exchange bidders will have the opportunity to bid and pay the value they decide for an impression. Unity’s implementation is based on OpenRTB 2.5 specification, with some additional specs found in later versions, and might require parameters that are optional for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

For more information, refer to Getting started with Unity Exchange.