• Added support for Companion Creative View events.

  • Improved filtering for valid OS types.

  • Fixed a bug where OM ext was not included in all VPAID ad requests.

  • Removed length validation for non-video bids.


  • Added MRAID support for HTML end cards.

  • Added OM support for MRAID playable and display ads.

  • Fixed a bug with the iOS app sheet in portrait mode.


  • For ads shown on iOS, the DSP Report now lists numerical store IDs instead of bundle IDs.


  • Expanded iOS app sheet support on iOS 15.


  • Added support for requests from Brazil that are subject to LGPD privacy.

  • Added a regs.ext.lgpd object.


  • Added support for CTA buttons for VAST video ads.

  • A response with the advertiser bundle ID now shows “Install Now” and a square icon. A response without the advertiser bundle ID still says “Learn More”.


  • Added support for Apple SKADN attribution for banner ads.


  • Switched to a first-price auction system.

  • Changed the at value to 1 to indicate the change to a first-price auction.


  • Added support for Apple SKADN attribution for VAST/VPAID video ads, playable ads, and display ads.


  • Started sending imp.ext.skadn objects in requests for iOS 14+ devices.


  • Added support for the HTMLResource companion type in VAST requests.

  • Added the object.


  • Released the DSP-facing reporting dashboard as part of the Partner Service Portal. DSP reporting helps DSPs to discover inventory opportunity, optimize bidding, and analyze performance.


  • Released the Partner Portal and test app.

    • Use the Partner Portal to refine bid requests and test responses.

    • Use the test app to render the creative markup from your validated OpenRTB response through Unity’s auction to test creative rendering and tracking URLs.


Optimization features

  • Added a section on Open Measurement (OM).

  • Updated creative format specs for OM with VAST.

  • Removed the section on viewability data extensions, which are deprecated and are replaced by OM.

Bid requests

Bid responses

  • Added the bid.api OM support field.

Contextual data extensions

  • Added the bAge (blocked age rating) field.


  • Launched the Programmatic advertising documentation.