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Asset Manager user roles

How Unity Asset Manager roles enhance and increase control over content and relate to the default permissions users in your Unity Cloud Organization have.

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Unity Asset Manager roles and permissions build on the default permissions users have within your Unity Cloud Organization for viewing and managing Unity Cloud Projects.

Default Unity Cloud roles

Organization administrators manage access to Projects and content for your organization.

For information about managing your role and permissions in Unity Cloud, see Roles and Permissions.

Asset Manager-specific roles

Asset Manager roles are designed to give Project Owners more granular control over who has access to and can modify Unity Cloud Assets in your Organization and Projects.

Organization-level roles

The Content Manager role is an Asset Manager role designed to give Organization Owners more granular control over who can change metadata and the information you use to make assets discoverable within your Organization.

Content Manager

Create, update, and delete Metadata field definition

Project-level roles

Asset Manager Project-level roles only apply to individual Asset Manager Projects in your Organization.




Create, update, and delete projects

Create, update, and delete collections

Create, update, and delete assets

Discover assets

Download assets

View assets

Verify your permissions

To understand your permissions for in an Asset Manager Project, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Unity Cloud.
  2. To verify that you are working in the correct Unity Cloud Organization, in the upper right of the window, next to the user menu, identify the name of the Organization.
  3. On the left-side panel, select **Projects **and then select the project for which you want to review permissions.
  4. Under Project Details, select Project members.
  5. Search for your name or email address. Your Asset Manager role appears in the the Roles column.
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