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Created by the leading mobile game engine, the Unity Ads SDK provides a comprehensive monetization framework for your game, whether you develop in Unity, Xcode, or Android Studio.

Use Unity Ads to incorporate various ad formats into natural surfacing points in your game. For example, you can implement rewarded video ads to build a more robust game economy while earning revenue for your business, or introduce full-screen interstitial ads during natural gameplay pauses without disrupting the player experience. The Unity Ads SDK connects your game to over 60 demand sources through a single SDK.

Use the Unity Ads Monetize dashboard to manage and optimize the surfacing points in your game. Choose which ad networks to connect to, determine the value of your inventory, configure detailed settings (such as geographies to serve or ad frequency), review ad content, and leverage powerful reporting tools to optimize your ad strategy and maximize your revenue.

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Note: Starting from SDK version 4.4.1, the Unity Ads package is now called the Advertisement Legacy package in the Unity Editor. The Advertisement Legacy package version 4.4.2 is still functional but will not receive any further updates for new or enhanced features. From SDK versions beyond 4.4.2, only native updates will be supported for Android and iOS developers, with no further updates provided for Unity developers. To implement a comprehensive monetization solution for your app, install Unity LevelPlay through the Ads Mediation package in the Unity Editor.