Implementing Unity Ads in a mediation stack

While Unity Ads delivers the most value through Unified Auction, it also seamlessly integrates with mediation solutions to fit your workflow.

Note: Starting from SDK version 4.4.1, the Unity Ads package is now called the Advertisement Legacy package in the Unity Editor. The Advertisement Legacy package version 4.4.2 is still functional but will not receive any further updates for new or enhanced features. From SDK versions beyond 4.4.2, only native updates will be supported for Android and iOS developers, with no further updates provided for Unity developers.

Your mediation partner dictates the integration process for Unity Ads. You can find integration guides and SDK adapters for the following mediation partners:

Frequently asked questions

Does Unity Ads integrate with all mediation vendors?

Unity Ads integrates with most trusted mediation partners. We highly recommend that you use one of the partners listed in the preceding section to ensure success, as they offer full integration guides specific to Unity. If you choose a different partner, Unity recommends confirming that they have integration resources to ensure compatibility with Unity Ads.

Are there any performance issues to consider when selecting a mediation vendor?

Unity recommends integrating with an open source mediation partner that offers customizable SDK adapters. This ensures the mediator and the ad source (Unity) have minimal data discrepancies and drive better results.

Do I need the Unity Ads SDK in order to run Unity Ads in mediation?

Yes. For your mediation partner to call Unity’s network, you need to install the Unity Ads SDK:

Can I run Unity Ads in parallel with my mediation stack?

You can run Unity Ads separately from your mediation stack. If your project is made with Unity, you can download the SDK in the Editor using Package Manager. If your project is not made with Unity, you can download the SDK for iOS or Android and access all the same features.

Can I place Unity Ads in multiple positions of my mediation stack?

Yes. You can integrate Unity Ads into multiple price tiers of your waterfall.

Are my earnings based on numbers reported by Unity or my mediation partner?

Any earnings generated through Unity Ads are based on Unity’s reported billing numbers. While there should not be significant differences between Unity’s numbers and a mediator’s numbers, using an open source mediation partner will help ensure that the two sources match as closely as possible.