The Report Builder tool

Report Builder is a simple but powerful drag-and-drop reporting tool available from the Advertise dashboard. Use Report Builder data visualizations to:

  • Analyze performance metrics and gain deeper insights into your campaign data.
  • Visualize data through your preferred chart options.
  • Troubleshoot campaign performance.
  • Filter data in ways that provide actionable insights.
  • Compare based on single or multiple dimensions.

Use Report Builder as a standalone tool, or to supplement your own business intelligence tools, including data you collect using Unity’s Advertiser Statistics API.

To access Report Builder from the Advertise dashboard:

  1. From the secondary navigation menu, select Reporting.
  2. In the Report Builder section, optionally play the video for a brief introduction, then select Go to Report Builder.

The Report Builder landing page displays two sections:

  • Dashboards provide holistic overviews of campaign performance.
  • Data Cubes provide granular report filtering, so that you can drill down and easily modify what is displayed.

Dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your campaigns, while data cubes let you drill down or filter dozens of dimensions and metrics.