Acquire REST APIs

While advertisers can manage their campaigns and reporting data using the Advertise dashboard, they can also do so using the following Acquire REST APIs:

Advertising Management APIThe Advertising Management API allows you to programmatically manage your advertising campaigns:
  • Manage apps.
  • Manage campaigns.
  • Manage bids, source bids, and ROAS bids.
  • Manage budgets.
  • Manage creatives and creative packs.
Advertising Statistics API

The Advertising Statistics API allows you to programmatically retrieve acquisition statistics data in a CSV format. There are two main use cases:

  • Integrate it directly with your own BI tool, such as Looker or Google Data Studio.

  • Integrate it with your preferred MMP.

Visit the Services API documentation for information on getting started, including:

  • How to authenticate the API calls
  • Applicable rate limiting
  • Available reporting metrics